8 February 2016: Chorley Healey Scout Group help to hunt defibs

Chorley Healey Scouts

Chorley Healey Scout group carried out a defibrillator hunt in support of the CardiacSmart led 'Shoctober' campaign.

The project which was followed across the world on social media using the #FindTheDefib hashtag, was a huge success. 

Bryan Cocker, assistant Scout Leader assisted the group in visiting defibrillator sites in the Chorley centre area and took photo’s outside the AED locations.

During the campaign, 290 previously unknown AED's (automated external defibrillators) were identified and have since been added to the database of NW Ambulance Service, so that they can be made available to anyone in the event of a cardiac arrest.

For more information click on: NW Ambulance Shoctober campaign