26 January 2016: CardiacSmart installing phonebox defibrillators

Phonebox Defib 700X307

The Chain of Survival Team have been working with the Community Heartbeat Trust to place more public access defibrillators in Cumbria.

CHT have an agreement with phone network BT to be able to 'adopt' telephone kiosks whilst keeping the electricity to the kiosk, allowing for life saving defibrillators to be installed.

Once the defibrillator is fitted inside and the signage changed over, the phone box becomes a life-saving asset for the whole community and protects the defib from the elements, an important consideration in Cumbria!

There are around 250 kiosks that we are looking to place defibrillators into and we look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in working alongside us to place one into a phone box in their community.

For more information, please contact Lauren Watson, Chain of Survival Coordinator for Cumbria.