Are you CardiacSmart?

The Chain of Survival Strategy and the Complementary Resource Strategy were put into place and have been developed by the Chain of Survival Team since 2012.

In turn, this led to the CardiacSmart Award Initiative which was developed to recognise community resilience, supporting innovation, celebrating achievement and being responsive to community needs.


CardiacSmart Awards are presented to those who are actively working in their community to increase survival rates of out of hospital cardiac arrests.

The criteria to be fulfilled for each level of the CardiacSmart Awards are:


  • A commitment to the placement of an AED within the organisation or work place with at least one personnel on site with the ability to use.
  • NWAS notified of AED placement/s.
  • Awareness of the Chain of Survival.


  • Commitment to the placement of more than 1 AED on site/ within the organisation.
  • Signage for AED placement/ NWAS registered.
  • More than one personnel trained for use in defibrillation, trainers on site.
  • Promotion of the Chain of Survival and staff/ personnel trained in Basic Life Support.


  • Engagement with Chain of Survival and Community Resuscitation teams across NWAS.
  • Promoting the concept of the four stages to the 'chain of survival'.
  • Increasing numbers of personnel trained in Basic Life support and AED familiarisation and evidence of this.
  • Other basic  life support/ AED awareness sessions offered to the wider community with commitment to place community access defibrillators.
  • Ability to sustain their work